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15 August 1968
New Mexico, United States
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I write fanfic: gen, slash, het, and femslash. If you would like to see an index of all my stories, check out THIS. I prefer to focus on plot: mysteries and monsters and disasters, oh my, but sex can and does happen. Some of my stories focus on power exchange, bondage or bdsm. In my worlds, tops and bottoms are all mature, consenting adults. In fact, stories where they aren't squick me badly, so don't expect to find abuse stories in my journal. If you aren't old enough to read mature material, please don't read this journal or friend this journal. Feel free to friend me. I'm just really crunched for time, so please don't be offended if I don't friend you back.

My three favorite fandoms:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
I write Xander, Spike, and Angel in various combinations. My Xander is loyal and dorky and occasionally makes incredibly stupid mistakes although he means well. And nine times out of ten, my Xander is submissive, wanting to please others and acting as the eternal sidekick. Angel is usually a dom for me: a powerful creature who wants to take care of the rest of the world by making it into what he wants it to be. But sometimes my Angel gets overwhelmed by guilt and just needs someone else to take the reins. My Spike is the ultimate switch. He's love's bitch, and he'll be whatever his partner needs him to be, from the mouthy, prickly sub to the masterful dom, to match his partner. Most of what I do is Spander.

The Sentinel
I write both gen (friendship or case-oriented) stories and slash in this universe. I love the dynamics with these two. Blair is the ultimate beta-boy, not really concerned about status and fighting for the dominant position, but still trying to manipulate the world into seeing things his way. Jim is the protector. He's all about control and keeping it together, but he has this huge squishy side that Blair always manages to find. I mean... come on, they were practically married on the show.

I really like everyone on this show. I adore Jayne for his desire to be better and his recognition that he can be a real jerk. I adore Mal, who pretends to be bad, but so isn't. I adore just everyone. My favorite to put together are Jayne and River. River sees parts of Jayne the others don't, maybe even parts that Jayne himself doesn't see. However, I love the idea of Zoe and Wash just as much, and I weep over what Joss has done. Yep, in this universe, I've very het-oriented just because of the personalities involved.

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