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15th-Jul-2013 10:18 pm
Pink Lit Gal
After having her world destroyed by the Winchesters, Eve wanted to rebuild her family. She claimed a soul with his own dark power and his own moral gray.  He would be her champion.  Hopefully. Xander just wanted to go home, preferably before the hunters Sam and Dean Winchester caught up with him.

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Wow. I am not used to writing Dean. This was harder that it looked, but hopefully it was worth a little bit of a wait since I'm posting after my normal posting time. Bath and then bed. Definitely.


Spike shoved Martin out the door in front of them. Martin's hands grabbed at Spike's coat, which seemed slightly on the stupid side. Then again, Xander used to do that a lot. He'd grab at someone he had absolutely no chance of actually beating in a fight. That's how he'd lost his eye.

"You lose this one?" Spike asked as the two guys stopped in the middle of the parking lot. Clearly they hadn’t expected Spike to come out to meet them, and Xander could see the wariness on Benny's face. The the other guy looked downright furious.

"Hand him over," the new guy ordered. Xander held his breath, afraid of what Spike might say.

Spike shrugged. "Okay." He gave Martin a push toward them. Martin's eyes got all big and for a second he seemed to forget to move. Then he scrambled toward the new guy, pulling the gag out of his mouth.

"Dean... Dean... he's a vampire. But I stabbed him with dead man's blood and it didn't stop him."

"Martin," Dean said slowly, "Long time no see. Oh, wait. Actually, it wasn't long enough. What are you thinking trying to hunt?"

Martin stopped, and Xander could almost taste the man's frustration. When Xander checked his visions, he could see dozens of monsters... dozens and dozens of them... all cringing away from Martin. Okay, that was creepy, especially since technically Xander was one of the monsters now. Still, Xander couldn’t help but feel a little sympathy. He’d been the totally human in a world full of people stronger than him.

"In his defense, he might have actually done it if it hadn't been for Spike overhearing him," Xander said in Martin's defense. Then he cringed as he looked at the thunderous expression on Benny's face. "Not that it would have been of the good, because killing a random person by threatening another random person is definitely bad, especially when one of the two people involved were human and kind of clueless."

"She was. She ain't no more, and I have you to thank for that," Benny said, and it was pretty clear he was using the word "thank" ironically.

“Um. You’re welcome?” Xander said. Spike gave a rough laugh.

“Now that we have a little more privacy, how about we have a conversation,” Benny suggested.

“And by conversation, he means we talk about all the reasons we have to cut your heads off,” Dean said with a scary sort of good humor.

“Way to be rude to the people who saved your friend,” Xander said, “not that I get the whole friendship because when I read about you, you were all ‘Oh Sam, all demons are evil. How can you sleep with a demon?’ And while I was on your side because Ruby was clearly on the creepy side, you were more about being closed minded. I was not really okay with that,” Xander said fiercely.

“You’re saying this is like Ruby? Really? And please tell me you didn’t read all that in those stupid books.”

“Um…” Xander made a face.

“Right then, don’t care,” Spike said. “You kill baddies, we came to offer a hand, this wanker was trying to kill someone, so we thought we’d do our good deed of the day.”

“You saved a vampire,” Martin screeched, and Dean winced, either from the sheer volume or from the reminder that he did seem to be siding with a vampire. After reading every single Supernatural story at least twice, Xander was pretty sure that was not Dean’s happy place.

“Martin, maybe you’d better wait in the car.”

“Oh, so you can leave me behind like Sam did?” He put his hands on his hips.

“If you’re in the car, I can’t leave without taking you with me,” Dean said in the sort of voice people usually reserved for crazy people and children they didn’t like.

Martin looked from Dean to Benny and back. Drawing himself upright, he announced. “I’m leaving town. And tell your brother that if he calls me again, he shouldn’t!” His back stiff with anger, Martin turned and stomped off toward the highway.

“You go near Lizzy, and I’ll gut ya and feed ya to the gators,” Benny called after him.

Martin turned, still walking backwards. “Don’t speak to me you foul hellbeast, you unholy thing.”

“Right, that doesn’t sound crazy, not at all,” Dean said wearily; however, he kept his eyes on Spike, and Xander was noticing a definitely lack of hands. Well, not lack as in Dean didn’t have them as much as Dean had his hands in the pockets of his jacket, which implied weaponry. “I’m so glad that Sam asked crazy guy to get involved.”

“Remind me to thank him right and proper,” Benny agreed. He kept watching as Martin reached the highway, looked both ways, and then picked a direction—seemingly at random. “Well, either he’s going to end up in the swamp or in Baton Rouge. As long as he stays away from me and mine, I don’t much care.”

Dean sighed. “I’ll pick him up on the road later. However, first thing’s first. So, someone needs to give me one good reason why I shouldn’t start hunting.”

“Because we haven’t done anything that would make hunting us anything other than murder?” Xander guessed.

“Right. You guys are those good vampires,” Dean said in a slightly sarcastic voice. “No offense,” he ten offered Benny.

“I ain’t so sure they’re vampires. They’re not like any vamps I ever met.”

“So they’re not vampirates?”

“Holy crap,” Xander blurted. “You’re a vampirate? Okay, there are extra cool points for that, and yeah, that probably puts you on the slay with prejudice list, but that’s a cool sort of slay-worthy.”

“Focus, nit,” Spike said, his hand tightening around Xander’s waist. “That one hasn’t had human blood in a good long time, so whatever he is, he’s not on the list of creatures to slay.”

“Slay? Okay, we’re going for the medieval theme? I can go with that. So, who gets to play the dragon and who plays the knight that chops it into little bits.”

Benny took a step forward, his gaze focused on Spike. “How about we stop talking about killing.”

“But I like talking about killing,” Dean objected, but then he fell silent.

“Benny Lafitte,” he said holding out his hand to Spike. “Died the first time going on a hundred years ago. Got sent to Purgatory in the 1960s, and caught a ride topside again a while back.”

Spike took his own step forward and took Benny’s hand. “Spike. I used to use a human name, but haven’t been human since the 1800s so I just go by Spike. Never went to Purgatory. Spent some time in hell, didn’t like it. Came back.” Spike shifted so that he was looking right at Dean. Oh yeah, Dean had done his time in hell. And as Xander remembered it, a good time was not had by all. Well, it sounded like Alistair had liked it, but mostly everyone else had been less than happy with the accomodations.

“Hell? Before you got turned?” Benny made the words sound friendly enough, but he shifted so that he was between Spike and Dean.

“Bloody hell no. I was too much of a ponce when I was human to qualify for hell. I got turned, earned my soul back, and then got sent to hell.”

“Your soul?” Benny narrowed his eyes.

“My type of vampire generally loses the soul. A demon comes in and drives the lorry. I earned mine back.”

“Which is why Spike is not on the slay-list,” Xander added. “And as an official ex-member of the ‘I hate all vampires club,’ membership of one, if I say Spike is a good guy now, you can believe it.”

Benny looked over at Dean. “I think that club has at least one more member.”

“He doesn’t understand,” Dean said. His gaze slipped over toward Benny for a fraction of a second before he returned to watching Spike and Xander. The wariness and weariness made Xander ache a little. With the first, they’d all been like that—they were all twitching at every sound and waiting for the First to kill them all. Some days, Xander had not even wanted to climb out of bed, much less strap on the weapons and go into one more fight. When they’d turned on Buffy, it’d been fatigue as much as fear that had driven them. And right now, Dean looked exhausted.

“Don’t seem like you’re making much of an effort to explain it,” Benny said, and the weariness was there too.

“Don’t know what you two are talking about, and I don’t soddin’ care,” Spike interrupted when the two of them looked like they might have a stare-down.

“We’re talking about Dean’s brother putting Lizzy in the firing line,” Benny said.

“What part of ‘don’t care’ did you miss?” Spike asked.

“He was doing what he thought was right.”

“Thought. That’d be the word. But thinking ain’t the same as being, Dean. He thought he did right, but that don’t me he really is right.”

“For fuck’s sake,” Spike snarled. “Dean’s not responsible for whatever his git of a brother did, and you let the bint wander through without telling her what she needed to know to defend herself.” Spike poked a finger at Benny.

Benny snarled, vicious teeth like piranha sprouting out of his gums. Maybe he thought that would intimidate, but Spike flashed into gameface and bared his fangs.

“Are you two done comparing dick size, or do you want to throw down and naked wrestle?” Dean asked. He brought his hands out from his jacket and crossed his arms. “Because right now you two look like you’re having the most disturbing courtship ritual I’ve seen outside of hentai-style porn.”

Benny took a step back. “Lizzy’s a human.”

“So’s this one,” Spike said as he poked a thumb toward Dean. “For that matter, Harris was a human when he pulled his most spectacularly stupid moves like trying to take on a two hundred year old master vampire. Like the boy told you earlier, human doesn’t mean weak. Hell, seems like in this universe, vampires are an endangered species.”

“This universe?” Dean jumped on the two words. “This universe as opposed to the fictional world that you were dreamed out of or maybe Purgatory?”

“Boy came through Purgatory, but we’re from an alternate reality. Different monsters, different rules, vampires who aren’t on the verge of going extinct because they have the survival instincts of lemmings,” Spike gave Benny a nasty smile.

Dean gave a quick laugh. “And you expect us to believe that?”

“I don’t bloody care. You can go and ruin your own life if you want,” Spike said.

“Then why ask about me and Sam?” Dean was on the offense now.

“Actually, that was me,” Xander said, raising his hand. “Xander Harris,” he said as he stepped forward to offer a handshake, but that ended in a yelp as Spike jerked him back so that Xander was one step safely behind him. “Overprotective much?” Xander asked.

“Yep,” Spike agreed, his fingers tightening more on Xander’s arm. “I can go and get the leash if you’re going to make a fuss about it.”

“No. Overprotective good. I mean, have you met Willow? There’s a picture of her next to overprotective in the dictionary. Literally. I glued it there in tenth grade.”

Spike rolled his eyes.

“So, is this show for me? Because after all the flirting with Benny, you’re making him jealous.”

“Dean,” Benny warned softly.

“Might want to tread softly, luv,” Spike suggested. “For most… monsters… fighting and figuring out who has the bigger wrinklies is the first step in a courtship. Depending on whether someone seems weak, step two would be shoving them down and buggering them.”

“But… really?” Dean looked over at Benny, and he just shrugged. Dean wrinkled up his nose. “Okay, that’s just wrong. How am I supposed to fight with Sammy after that?”

“You’re not monsters,” Benny said.

Dean snorted.

“Hey,” Xander said, jumping in before this conversation could get any worse, because it was not off to a stellar start to begin with. “In my world, there’s one girl in all the world who has all the power to fight demons, and mostly the girls are expected to fight alone. That sounds a little like you and Sam getting stuck with the demon hunting gig when you don’t really have much support. I mean, I read the books so I know Bobby does a lot—”

“He’s dead,” Dean said sharply.

Xander’s mouth was open, but he couldn’t get sound out. Bobby was dead. Bobby. Father figure Bobby who fixed everything. The Giles to their Buffy. Xander felt the news like a punch to the gut, and Spike tugged him closer and put his arm back around Xander’s waist rather than continuing to leave finger bruises on Xander’s arm.

Dean turned around and started back toward the car. “I don’t have time for this.”

“No! Wait,” Xander pulled against Spike’s hold and tried to chase him, but suddenly Benny was there, snarling. Spike leaped forward, and shoved at Benny, sending him stumbling back, and then Dean whirled around, a machete in his hand before Xander could blink.

Spike turned to face off against Dean, and Benny leaped forward, hands curled into claws. Spike had to turn and face him, and then Dean was moving, machete held high.

“NO!” Xander bellowed, and he felt something like a bandage getting ripped off, only it felt like it was getting ripped off his guts. Heat flashed through him, and he dropped to one knee, but that wasn’t all that much of a problem because Spike, Dean, and Benny were all out cold. Dean’s body was crumpled next to a Dean sized dent in his car, Benny was tangled in the remains of a motorcycle, and Spike was collapsed under a tree on the far side of the parking lot. And car alarms were going off. A lot of them.

“Shit,” Xander said softly to himself. Spike was so killing him.

“What the fuck is going on out there?” Some man yelled from one of the other hotel rooms.

“Drunk guys. Passed out drunk guys,” Xander yelled back.

“Then shut the fuck up,” the guy answered.

“Oh, they’re shut up,” Xander said to himself. He could see their lifeforce—even Spike’s and Benny’s, although theirs were a little more plastered on instead of growing from inside. So all three were alive or at least the walking undead. When Spike woke up, Xander was not going to be that lucky. “Let’s get you guys inside,” Xander said. Feeling like an idiot… an idiot with no control over randomly sprouting powers no less… Xander headed over to Spike. “And after that, I am definitely going to need to feed,” he admitted as he struggled to get an arm under Spike and lift him.

Yep. Just perfect.
16th-Jul-2013 06:13 am (UTC) - Joy giggle joy giggle snort
Did you laugh as much writing this as I did reading it? Dean had the best lines and then that drop into the demon porn discussion pure happy making. I could just see all four In my minds eye. I hope that Xander has the sense to chain all three up because no one is going to be happy when they wake. Gsnorts

You give great quippy Dean. And also I loved your description of him and how Xan awas so sympathetic and hurting for him


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16th-Jul-2013 11:27 am (UTC)
Oh boy!
Great chapter. I'm curious how Spike will react *lol*. In advance: poor Xander!!
16th-Jul-2013 11:41 am (UTC)
lol! Love the squaring off between, Benny and Spike, loved the first glimpse of Dean. Poor Xander, does it again!

Lucie x
16th-Jul-2013 01:53 pm (UTC)
LOL! Oh Xander! Spike will not be pleased.
16th-Jul-2013 02:01 pm (UTC)
Awesome! Is it bedtime yet? That when I get my daily fix of this story most days.

I'll have you know that I downloaded Supernatural from iTunes just because of this fic. Don't worry about spoilers, I've got the gist of the story thru all seasons.

Thanks for another great chapter. I also hope Xander chains them all up until he can do some talking. Even if it means Spike hassles him later.
16th-Jul-2013 02:20 pm (UTC)
Dent. Dent in the Impala. Dent!
16th-Jul-2013 03:12 pm (UTC)
This is significant problem.
16th-Jul-2013 03:11 pm (UTC)
Whoo boy what an introduction. How will Xander convince Dean they're good guys after that and will he survive Spike's fury when he wakes up?

More tomorrow? Please.


PS tiny error:
but that don’t me he really is right.” mean
16th-Jul-2013 05:51 pm (UTC)
This story is awesome and I love it!
17th-Jul-2013 03:01 am (UTC)
Oh, man. Xander is right, Spike is not gonna be happy, even if Xander did possibly save Spike from a fair amount of trouble. I don't blame Xander for his reaction, though. Spike was in a tight spot, and Xander felt the need to do something quickly. If he plans on using that move again, he's gonna need to practice his aim, or Spike isn't likely to let him out of bondage gear - ever.

It seems like Martin didn't take away anything positive from his time spent listening to Xander and Spike. Then again, he was wearing a gag for most of it, so in his unstable state, I guess that's not surprising.

Benny needs an attitude adjustment. He's acting like Spike and Xander are to blame for all the trouble Martin caused. It's as if he's determined to throw away his existence just to make a point, and he can't seem to give Lizzy's wishes the least amount of respect. I'm not surprised to see Dean being this closed-minded, but I had better hopes for Benny.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
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